Alaskans for Litter Prevention and Recycling (ALPAR)

ALPAR is a privately funded, non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating litter and increasing economically-viable recycling in Alaska. Founded in 1982 by a group of dedicated Alaskan business leaders, ALPAR's programs help clean up Alaska's communities, roadways, parks, beaches and waterways and assist with recycling initiatives throughout Alaska. ALPAR programs and services are made possible by the generous support of dedicated businesses and organizations throughout Alaska.

Seward, Alaska Litter Patrol 2014

Seward, Alaska Litter Patrol 2014

Grant applications for the 2015 ALPAR Youth Litter Patrol Program are in the mail to communities in Alaska. Deadline is April 1, 2015.. ALPAR provides these seed money grants to one organization per community who will operate the patrol with priority to those organizations who have run successful patrols in the past. ALPAR’s Youth Litter Patrol program is meant to be a follow on to the community’s volunteer Spring Community Cleanup. Youth workers keep public spaces litter-free throughout the summer, gain work experience and set an example to others to not litter – something we all appreciate!

A big thank you goes to ConocoPhillips for sponsoring this program and to BP Alaska for sponsoring the free litter bag program.

ALPAR Youth Litter Patrol Guidelines 2015 YLP Grant Application

If you have not applied for this grant before, please contact ALPAR for more information.

ALPAR’s free litter bag program is gearing up for the spring cleanup season. Donation requests are in the mail to community and tribal organizations and the bags will ship soon. ALPAR donates the bags to ONE organization per community except under special circumstances. Orders should be mailed to ALPAR’s PO Box with a check for postage and handling costs using this form: LITTER BAGS 2015 order form. Questions can be directed to ALPAR’s email address. Important: Priority goes to the community organization managing spring cleanups, marine debris cleanups and Youth Litter Patrols. Contact ALPAR if bags will be picked up.

ALPAR’s free litter bag distribution has taken place each spring for over 30 years. A huge thanks goes to our major sponsor, BP. We couldn’t do it without them! Thanks to Pepsi for warehousing and shipping services.

Give the gift that keeps on giving! Christmas Tree Recycling for Anchorage and the Valley starts December 28 through January 15. Bring your bare (LIVE!) trees to CARRS – Safeway stores in Anchorage, Eagle River or Palmer and drop off in the parking lot (look for the sign!) No wreaths, please. The wire backing is too difficult to remove. Please remove and recycle plastic bags at the recycling center. Trees are turned into fragrant wood chips and donated to beautify public trails and gardens. This program is sponsored by ALPAR, Municipality of Anchorage Solid Waste Services, CARRS/Safeway, Carr Gottstein Properties and our media sponsors; MIX 103.1 and KBEAR, Alaska Dispatch News and GCI. Artificial trees not allowed here. Consider donating to Bishop’s Attic, Value Village or Salvation Army. Don’t forget to recycle your paper gift wrap and boxes, Christmas string lights (see post below) and reuse ribbons and foil wrap next year!)

Christmas Tree Recycling Poster
Don’t want to brave the weather? Call or Email Boy Scout Troop 268 and arrange to have your tree picked up in Anchorage and Eagle River for a small donation! (Eagle River pick ups on Saturday only.) Leave a message at: 868–8899 or email: ten.i1427451132cg@se1427451132ertsa1427451132mtsir1427451132hcelc1427451132ycer1427451132


The Christmas Season just got merrier in Anchorage! You can now recycle those old holiday lights at Total Reclaim or at the Anchorage Recycling Center for FREE! Just bring your old string lights to the Total Reclaim shop Monday – Friday from 8am to 5pm or the Anchorage Recycling Center off Dowling Rd. 24/7. If you stop at Total Reclaim you can also bring all those old electronics and give them a new life, too.

Total Reclaim
12101 Industry Way #C4 in the Huffman Business Park
RockTenn Anchorage Recycling Center
6161 Rosewood – Drop-off 24/7 562-2267

Remember, it’s free to recycle your Christmas lights!


Saturday, November 15 is Alaska Recycles Day, too. Join UAA’s Office of Sustainability and Total Reclaim at UAA and recycle your personal electronics. Bring those cell phones, computers, stereos, TVs, monitors, game consoles, microwaves, hard drives and similar items. There is a small charge for TV’s and monitors but everything else is free.

ALPAR salutes UAA and Total Reclaim for helping keep these materials out of the landfill and reclaiming the valuable materials inside our outdated electronics. They are looking to crush their 2011 record of 20,000 pounds. Let’s go for it! Do something positive to celebrate America Recycles Day.

When: Saturday, November 15, 2014 10AM to 2PM
Where: UAA West Parking Lot next to PSB
UAA Electronics Recycling Event Nov 15





ALPAR’s Park Improvement Project at Westchester Lagoon’s Coastal Trail Confluence is almost complete. Excitement is building for a dedication and First Friday event at the site on October 3rd.
The project to create a beautiful landscape and sculpture in the small triangle of park and trail is dedicated to the memory of ALPAR’s founder,Tom Cox who brought business people together in 1982 to pursue a shared vision of a litter-free Alaska and a robust recycling culture. This project is a tribute to recycling, reuse and repurposing in Anchorage and incorporates a wide variety of recycled materials. The sculpture entitled “Transformation” was installed on September 25th and was welcomed with an earthquake (that did no damage!) It just created even more excitement as this beautiful kinetic sculpture of four moving ravens rose on it’s 30-foot sculpted pole. The sculpture uses recycled stainless steel and a repurposed steel pipe from the North Slope. Winds were calm as the ravens rose into the air. When the wind begins to blow, the Ravens will soar.

Thank you to our partners, the Anchorage Park Foundation, MOA Parks & Recreation, Intrinsic Landscapes / Chad Taylor, who created a stunning landscape and Alaska Native Contemporary Artist Rebecca Lyon who created “Transformation.” And many thanks to our donors:
Rebecca Lyon, Artist Rick Teel, Alaska Sheet Metal, Chad Taylor, Intrinsic Landscapes LLC ALPAR Anchorage Park Foundation Municipality of Anchorage Parks & Recreation UAA College of Engineering, Central Recycling Services, Polar Supply, AS&G Precast Division, Horizon Lines, Alaska Container Cache, Unique Machine LLC,and Rock Solid Pile Company.

10372520_10202275366380831_4484535326095358045_nJeanne Carlson, long-time recycling volunteer, activist and expert, left a wonderful legacy in Alaska especially to the recycling community and industry. She passed away on July 9 but her memory and her contributions to the effort live on. Many of her colleagues will gather at the Alaska State Fair for the Jeanne Carlson Volunteer Day on August 30 to volunteer and remember her wit, her capacity for getting things done and her undying commitment to the environment. Jeanne was instrumental in getting recycling started at the Fair when she worked for Green Star. The effort has grown and blossomed at the Fair and is appreciated by vendors and fair goers alike.

Wherever Jeanne went, she brought people together around her passions and her love of life. ALPAR and our supporters and colleages will miss Jeanne and honor her memory. She was an extraordinary person.

Gardeners start saving your pots for the upcoming Garden and Nursery Pot Recycling Drop off event Saturday, August 23 at the Alaska Botanical Garden. Help us beat our record of 3 tons!

All plastic garden containers will be accepted. Pots will be shipped to markets in Seattle by RockTenn’s Anchorage Recycling Center and turned into plastic lumber, benches and other plastic products. Recyclers are also welcome to take pots home for re-use. Please contact ALPAR for information: 644-7968

Do’s and Don’ts
1. SORT in 2 groups: 1. #2 HDPE and 2. #5,#6,& Unmarked
2. Shake out loose soil or rinse.
3. Remove metal hangers.
4. STACK like-sized pots to save space.
5. Plastic Garden Pots only and NO PRE OR POST DROP OFF!
6. Greenhouses, Retailers and Landscapers must drop off at the recycling center August 18-22, not at this event. Call 562-2267 for instructions.

ALPAR, the Alaska Botanical Garden, RockTenn Recycling (Anchorage Recycling Center) and Alaska Waste have teamed up to sponsor this recycling one-stop event. Media sponsors include the Anchorage Media Group Radio Stations, KLEF Alaska Dispatch News.
Download Plastic Pot Recycling Poster 2014

ALPAR BAG snapshot13
Thank you, Volunteers, government agencies, tribal councils, non-profits, businesses, neighborhood groups, service clubs, youth groups and youthful senior groups! All over Alaska, you are working tirelessly to clean up our roadways, beaches and waterways, trails and parks and more. Thank you from all of us who value a beautiful, litter free Alaska.

And to that “special” segment of the population who throw their trash on the ground (or in the water) or forget to tie down or cover their stuff in an open truck here are two words that says it all: STOP IT! It takes so little effort to put your trash where it belongs – in the bin! It takes extra time and effort to tie down and secure a load, but that’s the law. Break it and be ready to pay the fine for unsecured load violation and if the stuff escapes, for littering, too.

Adopt a Pathway Flyer 2014ALPAR’s Adopt-A-Pathway is a volunteer opportunity in conjunction with Alaska DOT’s Adopt-A-Highway program. These pathways run alongside state maintained roadways. We provide recognition of adopters through signage at the beginning and end of the adopted path plus bags and safety vests.

Keeping our pathways clean and litter free is appreciated by Anchorage bikers, walkers and runners as well all residents who care about a beautiful Alaska. And, studies show that litter free areas attract less litter!

Why not consider adopting a pathway? The obligation if for 3 years for once-a-month litter pickup in the spring and summer. it’s a great way to get out, enjoy the warm weather and help keep Anchorage beautiful.

Call ALPAR for more information – 644-7968.

ALPAR Pathways are currently available along these roads:

A and C Streets
S. Birchwood Loop
Glenn Highway
Northern Lights
Raspberry Rd.

Click here for:
Adopt a Pathway Intro
Adopt A Pathway Agreement