Alaskans for Litter Prevention and Recycling (ALPAR)

ALPAR is a privately funded, non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating litter and increasing economically-viable recycling in Alaska. Founded in 1982 by a group of dedicated Alaskan business leaders, ALPAR's programs help clean up Alaska's communities, roadways, parks, beaches and waterways and assist with recycling initiatives throughout Alaska. ALPAR programs and services are made possible by the generous support of dedicated businesses and organizations throughout Alaska.

One of Several Designs

The Coca-Cola/Keep America Beautiful Recycling Bin Grant Program supports recycling in communities and on college and university campuses by providing bins to selected grant recipients for the collection of beverage container recyclables. Grants will be provided to a limited number of applicants who can demonstrate how their proposals will lead to sustainable recycling opportunities.

The bin grant program has two focus areas:

- Public Space Bin Grants
The Public Space bin grant program is open to non-profit organizations, government agencies, schools and religious organizations. Learn more about the Public Space Bin Grants.

- Collegiate Bin Grants
The collegiate bin grant program is open to two-year and four-year degree granting colleges and universities. Learn more about the Collegiate Bin Grants. Go to

Give the gift that keeps on giving! Christmas Tree Recycling for Anchorage and the Valley starts December 28 through January 15. Bring your bare (LIVE!) trees to CARRS – Safeway stores in Anchorage, Eagle River or Palmer and drop off in the parking lot (look for the sign!) No wreaths, please. The wire backing is too difficult to remove. Please remove and recycle plastic bags at the recycling center. Trees are turned into fragrant wood chips and donated to beautify public trails and gardens. This program is sponsored by ALPAR, Municipality of Anchorage Solid Waste Services, CARRS/Safeway and our media sponsors; MIX and KBEAR, Anchorage Daily News and GCI. Artificial trees not allowed here. Consider donating to Bishop’s Attic, Value Village or Salvation Army. Ho Ho Ho! (Don’t forget to recycle your paper gift wrap and reuse those boxes, ribbons and foil wrap next year!)
Xmas Tree poster

Don’t want to brave the weather? Call or Email Boy Scout Troop 268 and arrange to have your tree picked up in Anchorage and Eagle River for a small donation! (Eagle River pick ups on Saturday only.) Leave a message at: 868–8899 or email: ten.i1398373511cg@se1398373511ertsa1398373511mtsir1398373511hcelc1398373511ycer1398373511

November 15 is America Recycles Day, the only nationally recognized day dedicated to promoting recycling in the United States. Recycling is the easiest thing we can all do to reduce waste and pollution, conserve natural resources, and create green jobs – something we can ALL agree on! Together we can make recycling bigger and better 365 days a year.

Last fall, Alaskan Non-profits, Youth, Community Groups, Schools, City Governments, Tribal Councils, and Businesses created 49 events and promotions across Alaska to celebrate America Recycles Day and Alaska’s own version – Alaska Recycles Day and Anchorage Recycles Day. We put the 49th state on the recycling map. So let’s beat our record this year!

How? Visit the America Recycles Day website where you can take the Pledge to Recycle and groups or businesses can register to Host An Event anytime this fall. Call ALPAR (907) 644-7968 or Email us to learn how your group may be eligible for a small grant to support your Alaska Recycles Day event or promotion. Join ALPAR and all Americans in celebrating recycling! Check out our 2010 Alaska Recycles Day event on You Tube!

Cool guys recycle pots, too!

Great news about ALPAR’s Garden Pot recycling event on August 24th. We surpassed our record again this year!

3,200 lbs. of #2 HDPE pots and #5 PP and #6 PPS pots, cell packs and trays from the Alaska Botanical Garden event
1,200 lbs. from Faltz Nursery who collected pots from the public all summer through August 24th.
1,500 lbs. collected and reused. This has become very popular especially for large pots!
TOTAL: 5,900 lbs. or 2.96 TONS

Thanks to everyone: Our fabulous volunteers, all the staff and at ABG, Alaska Waste for providing the bins and transportation and RockTenn’s Anchorage Recycling Center for processing the material and sending to market. A special thanks to our shippers, Horizon Lines, TOTE, Alaska Marine Lines and Lynden and Northland Services. They make this all feasible. Finally a big shout out and thanks to all our dedicated gardeners and recyclers for conserving these resources!

Gardeners start saving your pots for the upcoming Garden and Nursery Pot Recycling Drop off event Saturday, August 24 at the Alaska Botanical Garden. This year our goal is to recycle over 3 tons of plastic pots, trays and cell packs.

All plastic garden containers will be accepted. Separate in 2 groups: #2 and all the rest. Pots will be baled and shipped to markets in Seattle by RockTenn’s Anchorage Recycling Center and turned into plastic lumber or other plastic products. Recyclers are also welcome to take pots home for re-use. Commercial plant sellers can drop off pots directly at the recycling center the week prior to this event (August 19-24.) Please contact ALPAR for information: 644-7968

Drop off details:
1. SORT in 2 groups: #2 HDPE plastic pots in one and the rest in the other. (There are many pots and trays without numbers. Please bring them, too.
2. Shake out loose soil or rinse.
3. Remove metal hangers.
4. STACK like-sized pots to save space.
6. Greenhouses, sellers and landscapers should drop off at the recycling center August 19-23. Call 562-2267 for instructions.

ALPAR, the Alaska Botanical Garden, RockTenn Recycling (Anchorage Recycling Center) and Alaska Waste have teamed up to sponsor this recycling one-stop event. Media sponsors include the Anchorage Media Group Radio Stations, Anchorage Daily News and the Anchorage Press.

ALPAR Awards Presented

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Island Trail Network's Board President Patrick Saltonstall accepts the ALPAR Joe Gulley Presdent's Award for Outstanding Service from ALPAR Director, Mary Fisher.

The ALPAR Awards Banquet took place on May 2, 2013 with over 145 attending.  Eleven deserving individuals, organizations and businesses were recognized for their outstanding contributions in 2012 to litter prevention and recycling in Alaska.  The ALPAR banquet is always a rollicking event. This year’s theme was “Celebrating Alaska’s Great Outdoors!”

Check out our list of outstanding award winners for this year and see the slideshow!

ALPAR’s free litter bag program is gearing up for the spring cleanup season. Donation requests are being mailed to community and tribal organizations on Feb.8 this year and bags will begin to ship in March.  ALPAR’s office will be closed in February so orders should be mailed to the PO Box with a check to assist with postage costs using this form:  LITTER BAGS 2013 order form-parcel post. Donation of bags is limited to 1 order per community per year unless there are special circumstances.  Questions can be directed to ALPAR’s email address. Important: Priority goes to the community organization managing the spring clean up  and/or Youth Litter Patrols.

ALPAR’s free litter bag distribution has taken place each spring for 30 years.  A huge thanks goes to our major sponsor, BP.  We couldn’t do it without them!   Thanks to Pepsi for warehousing and shipping the bags to communities.

Homer Mariner Youth Litter Patrol 2012

Grant applications for the 2013 ALPAR Youth Litter Patrols are being mailed to communities in Alaska the first week of February. Deadline is April 1st. ALPAR provides a seed money grant to one organization per community who will operate the patrol with priority to those organizations who have run successful patrols in the past. ALPAR’s Youth Litter Patrol program is meant to be a follow on to the community’s volunteer Spring Community Cleanup. Youth workers keep public spaces litter-free throughout the summer, gain work experience and set an example for non-littering behavior – something we all appreciate! Questions should be directed via email to ALPAR. ALPAR Application Youth Litter Patrol 2013 (This Grant request is for community organizations only.)

ALPAR’s Youth Litter Patrol program began in 1983 – Celebrating 30 years of service in 2013!

ALPAR is excited to announce the return of glass recycling to Anchorage just in time for America Recycles Day and Anchorage Recycles Day!

The program will be drop off only for clean, empty glass bottles and jars – all colors – no caps or lids and no other materials like boxes or bags can go in the bin. The Anchorage Recycling Center will be the only collection point for glass for now. Bins here are open for drop off 24/7.

“It’s really important to make sure we don’t put anything in the bin other than glass and that residents understand they can’t put glass in their curbside carts,” says Mary Fisher, Executive Director of ALPAR. Curbside recyclables go directly to Seattle for sorting but glass will stay in Anchorage for processing.

The program is a culmination of extensive research and planning by Alaskans for Litter Prevention and Recycling (ALPAR), Muni Solid Waste Services and most importantly Central Recycling Services who will be recycling the glass into new construction products here in Anchorage.

ALPAR and the Anchorage Recycling Center will manage the glass drop-off program partnering with Muni Solid Waste Services to cover the cost of hauling the glass to Central Recycling Services. The program is a great partnership between the public and private sectors.

Many residents will be excited that glass recycling is back again. Some folks have been saving up their glass for quite a while in anticipation of this start up. ALPAR’s goal has been to create a sustainable program with the highest potential that local markets for the glass will be robust and stable.

Key to this new program start up has been the development of new local markets for the glass. The State of Alaska Department of Transportation and the Municipality of Anchorage have added new specifications that allows glass to be used in construction projects such as road underlayment, trench backfill and pipe bedding. These approvals open up sustainable markets for the glass which will help make glass recycling feasible and able to grow.

ALPAR wants to thank our member companies, Muni Solid Waste Services, Central Recycling Service, RockTenn Recycling, Alaska Waste, State of Alaska DOT&PF, Muni Public Works, Mayor Sullivan, AWWU, Green Star, Alaska Center for the Environment, Anchorage Media Group and everyone who has worked toward this for the last several years. Persistence pays off! Thanks to Anchorage Recyclers for your patience and enthusiasm!

America Recycles Day 11-15-12

America Recycles Day is fast approaching. 41 America Recycles Day Events are registered in Alaska so far! Here’s the rundown as of 11/13/12. Keep it up, Alaska!


Cooper Landing AmeriCorps Celebrates America Recycles Day
Valley Community for Recycling Solutions (VCRS) Celebrates!
VCRS T-Shirt Design Contest
VCRS T-Shirt Contest Judging and Winner
Fairbanks North Star Borough Recycling Commission – Proclamation of Fairbanks Recycles Day!
Interior Alaska Green Star – Electronics Recycling Depot
Interior Alaska Green Star – First Friday Recycled Art Show
Huslia Tribal Council Recycling Kits and Reusable Bag Giveaway
Boys and Girls Club of Tanana Valley (Fairbanks) Recycles Day!
Nome Eskimo Community – Recycle Nome! @ Rec. Center
Cook Inletkeeper – Homer: HEA Energy & Conservation Fair
Old Harbor Community – Recycled Art Contest @ Senior Center
Old Harbor Recycling Collection Contest with Prizes!
Kodiak Threshold Recycling Advertising and Outreach Campaign
Kenai Resilience Meeting @ Christ Lutheran Church on Waste Reduction
Kenai Re-Group Electronics Recycling @ Central Landfill
Kalskag Recycles Day Potlach and Movie
Native Village of Kalskag Recycling Collection Contest
Northway Village Council Clean Up & Recycling Day
Venetie Tribal Government Recycling Planning Meeting


Nov. 10
Nov. 15th (Recycling Center)
Sept 30 – Nov. 15
Nov. 15
Nov. 15
Nov 16-17, 10 am – 4 pm
Nov. 2 (done!)
All November!
Nov. 15
Apr 2-4, 2013
Nov. 10
Nov 5-17
Nov. 15
Nov. 15
Dec. 1
Nov. 15-16
Jan – Dec 2013
June 3,4, 2013
Dec. 13


Green Star, Inc. – Kendall Lexus RecycleART Contest & Auction
Kasuun Elementary Does Paper Recycling!
Posh Boutique – 15% off purchase & free reusable Totebag
Golden Valley Middle School Recycles!
UAA Office of Sustainability – UAA Recycles Day Events
Highland Tech Charter School: Mission M-Possible
RE/MAX Properties Moves to Recycle
Lewis & Lewis Computers America Recycles Day
Anchorage Waterways Council- Recycled Plastic Art
Boys & Girls Club NE Community Center Milk Jug Reuse Contest
Muni of Anchorage Mayor’s Proclamation of Anchorage Recycles Day
Muni of Anchorage Mayor’s Press Conference
Muni of Anchorage & ACES Hockey Celebrate Anchorage Recycle Day
Anchorage Recycling Center & ALPAR’s Anchorage Recycles Day – New Recycling Opportunity Kick Off and Giveaways!
ALPAR America Recycles Day Advertising Campaign
College Gate Elementary Recycle Cans into Cash for School Supplies
College Gate Elementary Composting Lunch Waste Event:
AVAIL High School Recycling Rendezvous
Mears Middle School Recycled Art Creation


Nov. 15
Nov. 2012
Nov. 15, 2012
Nov. 12 – 16
Nov. 15 – all day!
Oct. 18 (done!)
Nov. 15-30
Nov. 15
Nov. 1 – 14
Nov. 15
Nov. 15
Nov. 14, 1 pm
Nov . 14 ACES GAME
Sat. Nov. 17- 10 am to 2 pm
Nov. 15/16
Nov. 11-29
Nov. 15-16
Nov. 15
Nov. 12-16

Kudos to all of these businesses and organizations who are celebrating Alaska Recycles Day! Check out their websites for updates.

These 41 events and activities are registered at We are making a great showing so far and there is time left to hold a special event, promotion or activity.

November 15 is America Recycles DaySM (ARD), the only nationally recognized day dedicated to promoting recycling in the United States. Together we can make recycling bigger and better 365 days a year.

Register YOUR ARD Happening! Our goal: 49 events and promotions in Alaska to celebrate America Recycles Day / Alaska Recycles Day in the 49th State! 49 events and promotions that help educate, motivate and celebrate Recycling in Alaska!

GET INVOLVED in America Recycles Day