Recycling Tips


Recylers rule: Follow these tips to be a better recycler

Follow these tips and you can rule too!

Especially when they follow these simple rules and tips…

When we take the time to sort materials properly before dropping them off, we help make recycling work for all of us. Here are 5 tips to help recycle right — Thanks, recyclers! A little effort makes a big difference!

TIP 1:

Even a little contamination can hurt. Sort your recyclables before dropping them off and put only the right material into the bin. (Example: If you put plastic bags or boxes in with your newspapers or cans, you will contaminate the whole bin!)

If you are taking advantage of curbside recycling, be sure to follow directions and put only materials in the bin that are allowed. Remember, not all plastics are allowed either at drop off or curbside. Please recycle the right ones: #1 PET BOTTLES, #2 HDPE BOTTLES and JUGS, PLASTIC BAGS and FILM. IMPORTANT: Plastic Bags/film can be dropped off ONLY at the Anchorage Recycling Center, NOT in your curbside bins. Bags interfere with sorting equipment. Thank you for adhering to this rule!

TIP 2:

If it isn’t in the bin, it’s trash! Materials should never be left near the drop bins or on the ground. Please remember to take you trash away for proper disposal.

TIP 3:

Make sure all containers are empty. Remove plastic sleeves from newspapers. Glass bottles and Jars are recycled locally and can be dropped off only at 2 locations: Westrock’s Anchorage Recycling Center and at the Anchorage Regional Landfill on Hiland Dr. Important: REMOVE caps and lids from Glass bottles and jars.

TIP 4:

Plastic has a very low tolerance for contamination, so sort, sort, sort! Only three types of plastic are accepted in Anchorage:

  • #1 PETE soda/water bottles – Must have a neck! – NO Salad-bar type containers!
  • #2 HDPE plastic jugs and bottles – Must have neck! NO butter/yogurt-type tubs or buckets!
  • Plastic Bags and film/shrink wrap can ONLY be dropped off at the Anchorage Recycling Center. Plastic Shopping Bags can also be dropped off at local grocery stores in bins located in entryways.

If you are not sure, don’t recycle it – call or email with questions!

TIP 5:

Find your closest drop site for your recyclables (see map). Newspapers and aluminum cans can be dropped in bins at all Anchorage Carrs/Safeway parking lots and several Anchorage schools. All materials including Glass BOTTLES and JARS are accepted at Westrock’s Anchorage Recycling Center located at 6161 Rosewood (off Dowling between Old and New Seward behind the NAPA Store.). The Anchorage Regional Landfill recycling drop off hours are Monday-Saturday, 8am – 5pm for 6 materials: FLAT cardboard, Newspaper, Mixed Paper, Aluminum Cans, #1 Plastic Bottles, #2 Plastic Jugs and Bottles, and Glass Bottles and Jars (NO LIDS!).