In-Store Plastic Bag Recycling, Reuse and Conservation Toolkit

Alaskan Retailers are taking the challenge to help their customers, their bottom lines and the environment. ALPAR’s In-Store Plastic Bag Recycling, Reuse and Conservation Toolkit outlines how to launch plastic bag recycling in your store and provides information that will help your customers be more environmentally active by using less and recycling. A great solution to keeping more plastic bags out of the waste stream.

ALPAR Flying Cans

Rural communities throughout Alaska send their aluminum cans to Anchorage for recycling, thanks to Northern Air Cargo and member airlines of the Alaska Air Carriers Association. Call or email ALPAR for more information.

Can-Do Kids

Kids can do a great job of recycling! They earn pocket money and prizes when they turn it aluminum cans at the Westrock (Anchorage) Recycling Center. Stop by the Recycling Center for a Can-do Kids kit that will show you what to do.

ALPAR Youth Litter Patrols

Summer jobs picking up litter! Kids work in ALPAR’S Youth Litter Patrols all over Alaska. They help rid the communities of littler and remind everyone to dispose of litter proberly. Sponsored in part by ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc.

Volunteer Community Clean Ups Across Alaska

Volunteers all over the state pitch in to help clean up their communities every spring. This year, ALPAR supplied over 200,000 free bright yellow clean up bags to 160 communities. Since 1990, we’ve given away over 2 million bags to help clean up Alaska.
Sponsored in part by BP Exploration (Alaska), Inc.

Free Christmas Tree Recycling

Christmas trees are dropped off at Carrs/Safeway parking lots, where they are recycled into wood chips for local trails. Thank you to our major sponsors CARRS/Safeway and the Municipality of Anchorage Solid Waste Services.

Recycling and Public Awareness

ALPAR supports recycling in the Railbelt communities (Anchorage, Kenai, MatSu Valley, Copper Valley, and Fairbanks by subsidizing community drop-sites for recyclables through backhauling recyclables to Outside markets. The backhaul is accomplished thanks to the generosity of Totem Ocean Trailer Express, Horizon Lines of Alaska, Lynden / Alaska West Express / Alaska Marine Lines, Northland Services, Alaska Railroad, Airland Transport and Weaver Brothers. ALPAR also promotes recycling awareness in a variety of ways.


ALPAR volunteers adopt bike path routes in Anchorage and keep them free of litter throughtout the summer. Call or email for more information.

Nursery Pot Recycling for Anchorage

ALPAR sponsors this summer event for Anchorage: Co-sponsored by the Alaska Botanical Gardens, Westrock’s Anchorage Recycling Center and Alaska Waste. Stay tuned for upcoming date.

Public Awareness

ALPAR publishes the yearly Guide to Recycling for Anchorage and the MatSu. In addition, we create public awareness campaigns that educate the public on recycling issues and litter prevention. Thanks you to all our media contributors including the Anchorage Daily News, GCI Cable, the radio stations of Anchorage Media Group and many, many more!